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live at okuden | JUNGLE : Mat Walerian Matt Shipp Hamid Drake

"Jungle is incomparable to anything else. Similarly as "M-Theory", it is an artistic achievement of the highest possible standard. I practically never pray, but in this case I do pray that both of these concert sets will be released on records soon!"

"His understanding and synergy with the other members of the trio, his expression and dynamism, richness of sound, technique combined with sensitivity are unbelievable and out of this world. On top if you ask me who does he remind, my answer is he reminds the most Chicagoan sound of... Mat Walerian."

"Wow. The Jungle Project has had its premiere on 19th November 2012. One hour and forty minutes of pure delight. Obviously, Shipp and Drake belong the best free jazz musicians in their categories in the world. I dare to say that Walerian too."

"Jungle is obviously a joint project … it is a project whose name explains the meaning of the music : the joint point of view and the largest inspiration of the members of the trio, that is unconditional and absolute love of nature. The music is though to show impression of wildlife, animals, fauna, flora, all of the natural phenomena. It is a very organic project, in the very biological meaning of this word. Mother Nature, Mother Earth. Already in this description one can feel the spirit of John Coltrane, and indeed the music belongs clearly to the post-Coltrane tradition."

"What is so special about "Jungle"? Well, first of all such a recording of one or one and a half hour long concert, that is a continuous and uniform flow of beauty, intensity and expression is not a frequent thing in the jazz history."

"The examples that come to my mind, and this is not an exaggeration in any sense, are : John Coltrane's "The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings", or Miles Davis' "The Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel 1965". If we ignore the beauty aspect, and focus on the strength of expression only the appropriate association is to John Coltrane's "Live at Seattle" with John Coltrane on soprano and tenor, Pharoah Sanders on tenor McCoy Tyner on piano, Jimmy Garrison on bass, Elvin Jones on drums and Donald Garrett on bass clarinet and bass."

"It is hard to talk about the culmination of this recordings - they provide an never ending culmination indeed."

[ M. Lewenstein “Polish Jazz Recordings and Beyond” ]

live at okuden | Matt Shipp Mat Walerian duo

"Obviously, M-Theory project of Walerian has little to do with quantum gravity. It is, however, indeed strongly based on the idea of total unification: Mat and Matt form an artistic unity of unprecedented intensity. This is evidently one of the best Polish jazz recordings of the last 20 years."

"In all the parts Walerian plays very clear tones, without overblows, yet full of expression and emotion. To some extend the music reminds a little the late experiments of Jimmy Giuffre and Paul Bley - it is, however, clearly contemporary (…) whatever the associations are, however, the over 15 minutes long suite is clearly a masterpiece."

"After the suite come two short improvisations for alto and piano, “Free Bob Statement 1 and 2”, that illustrate amazing chemical bonds between the two musicians and their mutual understanding and unity."

"Free Bop Statements” are followed by the 4 compositions of Walerian. “It’s Sick Out There” and “Love and Other Species; are for piano and sax, and are perhaps the most expressive and sentimental of the set. On “Peace and Respect” and “Black Rain” Walerian is back on bass clarinet. The latter, 16 minutes long, is breathtaking. It is not only virtuoso piece in the technical sense - it is also explosion of emotions and feelings. Walerian proves that he is one of the best bass clarinetist around, and he shows also his mastery on Bb clarinet and flute."

"As a whole, this set is a true masterpiece and super important recording not only for Polish jazz!!!"

[ M. Lewenstein “Polish Jazz Recordings and Beyond” ]

live at okuden | MATTHEW SHIPP QUARTET

"Matt and Mat are back in the fall of 2012 with the phenomenal American section of Bisio and Dickey, under the flag of Matt's Quartet ... Walerian plays here only alto, and does it incredibly well... In terms of alto playing, it is one of the most radical, contemporary and important Polish jazz recordings."

[ M. Lewenstein “Polish Jazz Recordings and Beyond” ]

live at okuden | SAINTHUINTER : Mat Walerian Tim Dahl Hamid Drake

"The group continues strongly with "Just Drop It In New Orleans", with clear blues and traditional jazz inspirations. Walerian starts on Bb clarinet and evoking the tradition of the best genuine clarinetists - from Benny Goodman, through Jimmy Giuffre to Europeans : Luis Sclavis, Michel Portal."

"The Force, Energy and Synergy are again there, and are just breathtaking."

[ M. Lewenstein “Polish Jazz Recordings and Beyond” ]

live at okuden | Matthew Shipp with Mat Walerian trio

"Extremely important document of the Polish New Thing, worth getting and listening to it for any price !"

[ M. Lewenstein “Polish Jazz Recordings and Beyond” ]